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Man.. I got up this morning, and realized that I really needed to go in the office and get some things done. Commissions need to be made, clients need to be contacted... and as it happens the market is tanking for the 7 day! Fuck. All the gains made in 06, have now been erased and I am going to get the usual barrage of phone calls regarding "why has my account gone down?" The irony is, I never get calls when the market is booming and my clients are rocking with double digit returns.. just when it goes down. They seem to think that I have some friggin crystal ball that can tell them when the market is going to crash and when it isn't.. NOT, HELLO PEOPLE... I just allocate them to take care of the risk, eliminate some of the deviation in their portfolio, and other than that it's hang on for the ride. I mean if I really could predict the market, would I be here? Fuck no, I would be in germany, going to every fucking game I could, staying in a castle with a bunch of german and italian babes, wishing I was younger. Somewhat irritating... It was my choice to be in this business, so I must take the bad with the good, and right now I am just grumpy about it...

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I watched all the games today, but from the comfort of my easy chair. I woke up this morning with the distinct plan on running down to Fados to watch the games with all the other nuts, but I fired up the telly, and just thought, fuck it, I just stay here. I actually enjoyed my happy lonesome in front of the box. I am know completely convinced that ABC is absolutely clueless when it comes to commentary and actual knowledge of the great game... what a pity.. I mean would it been so difficult for them to hire some brits who commentate for a living to come over and do a proper job? This is so dang annoying... At noon I just switched over to Garrison Keelor on PBS, and continued to watch the game... Mexcio rocked, Holland did as well... although even being a huge Chelsea fan, Robben is a selfish twat.. but he did have a good game after all... and I thought that Angola represented themselves well. Tomorrow, the US will loose their opener by 2-0 or so, and then all the debate can die down.. I got meetings all day, but will try to steal away some time to watch the US game...

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Well I just came back from a wonderful time at FADO's watching the England World Cup game... it brought back some wonderful memories of England and watching the games with my mates when I was younger. It is funny how a sport can make time stand still.... Usual crowd was there for good spirit and banter... Can't wait until thursday when we play again...

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